Experience the Arts During Your Travel in Juneau, Alaska

07 March, 2020

You’re probably familiar with the outstanding outdoor experiences Juneau, Alaska, has to offer. From snowshoeing to surfing the beauty of the state’s outdoor attractions can’t be matched. What you might not know is that Juneau also boasts some outstanding venues for the Arts. Plan to make a stop at some of these fun and enriching locations during your travel to the area.

Juneau Arts & Humanities Council

Since 1973, the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council has been the hub of building up the Arts and humanities resources and events for the city. The council operates out of the Juneau Arts and Culture Center (JACC). The community center offers a place for hosting events, a gallery, gift shop and plenty of programs and performances that make Juneau a great place to visit.

The council oversees the Arts and humanities for the area and offers grants and other resources to those looking to host an event or build up the areas of the Arts or humanities within Juneau. Thanks to the council, Juneau is able to be the home of outstanding opera, world-class theater and much more.

Sealaska Heritage

Walter Soboleff Building, Juneau AK

Learn more about Alaska’s native heritage at Sealaska Heritage. Explore the natives that shaped the area of Juneau and Alaska. Visit workshops, experience the indigenous language of the people, and be immersed in a cultural experience that will both teach you about Alaska’s early days and challenge you to imagine a world from 10,000 years ago.

The center has rotating exhibits where you can learn even more and explore the region throughout the years. Be sure to visit the Sealaska website to check operating hours as they change depending on the season.

Read the crash course history of Juneau.

Alaska State Museum

travel in juneau

With 15,000 objects dating back to Alaska’s earliest days, you can explore and learn more about the state and its rich history at the Alaska State Museum. After 126 under Russian control, Alaska joined the United States. You’ll find the history of the state interesting as it only formally became a part of the USA in 1959 (alongside Hawaii).

Within the museum, you can explore artifacts and historical information from early aircraft and firearms to whaling equipment and fishing boats. Explore what life was like for Alaskan Eskimos and other groups that inhabit the state.

Perseverance Theatre

Pause and enjoy a performance at Perseverance Theatre. After 40 years in the community, the theatre keeps its commitment to offering outstanding regional theatre performances for residents and visitors alike.

Each season, the team puts together an outstanding line up of performances. The team is the only professional theater company in the area and works hard to develop local talent and celebrate the gift of the theatre with others. A night at the theatre is the perfect way to cap a busy day of outdoor activities during your trip to Juneau.

Underground film festival

juneau theater
Juneau, Alaska’s Gold Town Nickelodeon theater

Twice each year, JUMP Film Festival celebrates the work of underground film artists. These films are short at no more than 10 minutes and completely family-friendly. Attend one of the evening sessions and enjoy a beer during the showing.

Depending on how many films the festival shows and the length of each film, you’ll enjoy 60-90 minutes of quality, local entertainment. On the twice per year film festival weekends, you can enjoy showings Thursday, Friday or Saturday. And the great part is, you won’t have to spend any of your travel budget on the event because it’s completely free for all ages. There are no tickets so you can just show up to the time that’s convenient for you.

Alaska Folk Festival

Visit Alaska in April for the Alaska Folk Festival. The festival dates back to 1975 when eight performers gathered their friends together to enjoy performances. Just two years later, there were more than 50 performers traveling to Juneau from across the state. Now, the festival accepts applications from performers traveling from anywhere.

Now in its 46th year, the event is broadcast on a local radio station. The festival committee plans the performances and workshops and offers it free of charge to anyone who wants to experience it.

Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival

If your trip to Juneau is in May, you won’t want to miss the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival. World-renowned violinist Linda Rosenthal wanted to share her passion and love for music with others in the area. In 1987, she founded the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival. With outstanding performances and workshops, the festival is a delight for visitors of all ages.

When you attend the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival, you’ll walk away with a greater appreciation for music as well as a feel for the cultural heritage of Alaska. The annual festival aims to pass on the musical traditions of the area to the next generation and provide shared experiences for all ages.

First Fridays

Support local businesses, take a stroll through local galleries and enjoy live performances during Juneau’s First Friday events. Each month different businesses, musicians, artists, authors and more participate in the event, making it a unique and fun experience each time.

The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council organizes the event each month to bring new businesses and cultural experiences to light in the community. Learn more about each month’s focus and location on the First Friday page of the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council website.

And more!

The Arts and culture scene in Juneau is so rich that there is plenty to see, whether it’s your first time in the area or 100th time. The area also features the Juneau Lyric Opera where you can enjoy operettic performances throughout the year.

If you enjoy ballet, be sure to see the event lineup for the Juneau Dance Theatre. And don’t forget the symphony. The Juneau Symphony features 100 musicians who volunteer their time to bring greater awareness to the beautiful art of the symphony. The adult orchestra performs four times throughout the year and is a stunning example of the beauty and culture of the area.

Once you’re here, learn more about the way Juneau cultivates and encourages authors. There are more than 75 published authors who have come from our great city.

Head to Juneau’s public library to find out more about our lively author scene and to check out books from these authors. Cozy up in your local Juneau hotel room and enjoy a relaxing evening with a book from a local author to recharge before another day of exploring all the Juneau has to offer.

If you’re unsure about how to plan the best possible trip to Juneau and ensure you see the city’s highlights, visit the Juneau Visitors Bureau where you’ll learn all that there is to do, see and eat during your stay.

Where to stay in Juneau, Alaska

After you’ve enjoyed your enriching arts experience in Juneau, rest and recharge at Frontier Suites. The hotel features a restaurant inside to make it easy and quick to grab a bite to eat, put your feet up and relax after a busy day.

Allow the unmatched hospitality of the staff to help you unwind and relax during your travels like you’ve never experienced. Plus, our knowledgeable team can help you plan your stay and ensure you see all there is to see in our beautiful city. We’ll make you feel at home and ensure that you’re stay is comfortable and surrounded by friendly and helpful team members.

Book your stay now and start planning your outdoor and culturally enriching Juneau, Alaska, experience.

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