Create Lasting Memories: Fun Activities for Families at Our Hotel

05 June, 2024

Taking time away from day-to-day activities and commitments offers more than a respite from daily life. It also offers quiet moments with loved ones and the chance to create lasting memories. Learn how to enjoy your family time at Frontier Suites while making memories right here in the hotel.

Creating Lasting Family Memories in Your Juneau Hotel

Perhaps the weather hasn’t cooperated or you find yourself worn out from excursions and extreme sports during your stay in Juneau. Regardless of why you’re spending extra time in your hotel room during your stay, you’ll find a list of enjoyable activities designed to help you and your family make lasting memories.

1. Play Cards

Bring a deck of cards with you to have endless options for games you can play while relaxing in your room. And because every Frontier Suite is equipped with a full kitchen, you’ll have a table you can sit at to play games with your family. There’s no need to use the hotel bed or floor for game night.

A deck of cards is compact, meaning you’ll still have plenty of room in your suitcase for the outdoor apparel and other items you’ll need for your travels.

2. Walk to the Restaurant

Frontier Suites is one of few hotels with an attached restaurant in the Juneau area. That means that you can walk over to the restaurant whenever it is convenient for you. Whether you’re looking for an easy lunch option or want to relax with takeout in your hotel room for dinner, you’ll find a diverse menu with options for the whole family.

3. Meet the Locals

The hotel is staffed with locals who have stories to share about the area. Spend some time learning the best activities food and history as you work with your family to plan the rest of your vacation. Learn their favorite spots, hangouts, cuisine and more.

You can also learn fun facts about the area and enjoy stories about what Juneau is like in the wintertime. Some locals might be able to share tales of when their relatives were some of the earliest residents who took part in the gold rush and can paint a picture of different times in the area.

4. Learn About the Best Keepsakes to Take Home

While you’re hanging out in your hotel room together, plan what gifts and keepsakes you want to bring home with you. Some things you might want to shop for when you go out during your travels in the coming days include:

create lasting memories
  • Birch syrup
  • Alaskan salmon
  • Glacial mud
  • Bear claws (made from wood and great for use in the kitchen)
  • Gold
  • Alaskan rug bowl
  • Glacier Silt Soap

Make a list with your family of people you need to buy for or special holiday presents you can store up that will have more meaning and be extra special this holiday season.

5. Host Drawing Competitions

All you need is a pen and the hotel notepad to engage in some quality family fun. Compete for who can draw the best image of something. Or play Pictionary. You’ll just need to get creative about how to select what each team draws.

Or just draw for fun. Look through your camera reel to see what you took photos of during your trip. Then recreate those images on paper. Talk about what you like about each person’s image and ways to improve. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have even if it isn’t competitive.


Full kitchens in every suite.

6. Build a Photography List for Your Adventures

Along the same vein as drawing your favorite photos from your travels, consider making a shot list of everything you hope to capture during your Alaskan adventures. That way, you don’t get home and feel disappointed that you missed something.

7. Enjoy a Pillow Fight

Go back to your days of middle school sleepovers and host your own family pillow fight. Be sure to take it easy as you don’t want to face bills for damages to the room or its contents. But enjoy some quality family time and the laughter and fun that pillow fights can provide.

8. Make Towel Animals

Look up videos for how to create towel animals and get creative. Start building your own creations. Just be ready to be patient with the process. It takes time to perfect towel animals. Worry less about perfection and focus on the family fun.

9. Watch a Movie

Frontier Suites offers complimentary internet, which means you can reach your standard streaming sites. Or you can enjoy a family film on the 3 Showtime channels provided. Sometimes you don’t have the capacity to do activities after a busy day. That’s where some television can be helpful.

And depending on where you traveled from to reach Juneau, you might be dealing with some serious jet lag making it hard to know whether you should take a nap or go to bed for the evening. Other times you might feel wired even as night falls. Enjoying a movie can help fill the time while you slow down and prepare for bed.

10. Host a Paper Airplane Race

How you fold a paper airplane will impact how far it goes and how fast. Host competitions to see who can build the most efficient paper airplane and help it reach the farthest distance. Head out into the hallway to give yourself a longer jetway to test your skills. You might even meet some additional hotel guests who want to get in on the action.

11. Play Trash Can Basketball

That hotel notepad can come in handy in another way. Wad up a piece of paper and play trash can basketball. You could even create a game of Pig as you shoot from different areas of the hotel room to see who has the best skills.

Don’t just supervise the kids on this one. Get in on the action and have a blast making memories with your children. You won’t regret it and can spend some time reviewing the next day’s activities later.

12. Build an Obstacle Course

Get active while indoors. Create an obstacle course in your hotel room for endless fun. You can time one another going through the course and see if you can beat your best time. Cheer one another on or build teams to help make the activity more competitive if that’s more your family’s style.

Book Your Stay with Frontier Suites

Our staff will welcome your family and help you make the most of your time away. We know family memories are priceless, which is why we’re here to help how we can. Our suites are family-friendly because they come with multiple sleeping areas to accommodate an entire family in a budget-conscious manner. Book your stay now to get the room format that best fits your family and your preferred travel dates.

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